Our software ensures the supply of original parts to VW-customers worldwide.

The RELAG-System® from SEP Logistik AG optimizes and manages complex intralogistics solutions. The entire intralogistics process of an international group can be managed. This includes automated high-bay racking up to manual AGV-picking.

Dominik Birth-Ruszcinski, Head of logistics and technology management at Volkswagen Aftersales:

“Our task is the supply of original parts to our customers worldwide. For us, the forklift guiding system is something like the ticket to the digitization of logistics. Now we have the oppurtunity to map our stock of products in real time. We receive a 100% transparency of the goods movements and can locate our packages at any time. The forklift guidance system enables our logistics to become more efficient. We save on scanning steps, reduce the movement of goods, use our forklift fleet efficient and ensure 100% quality in the loading process.”