The RELAG-System® offers a wide variety of connections and interfaces to the software and hardware used in your company.
These represent cost-effective and standardised interfaces so as to be able to meet all requirements.

The following interfaces are possible:

  • SAP-Interface

    The SAP INTERFACE is a special case of the ERP interface. We have therefore programmed a standard interface through our long-standing collaboration with SAP. This allows for fast and simple merging. Certified interfaces (IDOCs) are specified by SAP, which are served by the RELAG-System®.

    • Process consulting and optimization for the SAP environment
    • Specification and implementation of supplementary development in the SAP environment
    • Support for connecting SAP to the RELAG-System®
  • ERP-Interface

    The RELAG-System® can be connected flexibly, rapidly and easily via a standard interface to any ERP-System (Enterprise Resource Planning System).

  • Excel-Interface

    Connection to Microsoft Excel means that data evaluated by the RELAG-System® can be processed there correspondingly.

  • Alarm-Interface

    Warnings or error messages can be sent via an alarm interface directly from the RELAG-System® to any email account or by SMS/APP to a smartphone. Of course, pop-up windows can also be opened or lists printed.

  • Forwarding-Interface

    The forwarding interface serves as a connection to external logistics service providers or directly for sending delivery notifications (DESADV) to customers. It is also possible to transfer data in the case of group-internal transport to different sites.

Can the RELAG-System® interfaces correspond to your requirements?

The expertise of SEP Logistik AG lies in the optimisation and control of the internal logistics of companies and organisations. Please contact us and let us know your assignment of tasks. You will promptly receive an estimation regarding feasibility and a cost proposal.

SAP ERP Excel interfaces