An integral part of intralogistics are automated guided vehicles (AGV), which have recently received a further boost due to COVID-19 and have gained in importance.

Current surveys have shown that well over 50% of logistics managers attach great importance to the subject of AGV. Anyone planning to integrate AGVs into their intralogistics processes today is initially faced with a large number of questions, attention points, providers and systems. Right from the start of the project, it is important define the right strategy for the optimal integration of the AGVs into the IT and material flow control when selecting the devices.

In addition to an efficient solution, it must also be possible to implement it under the given and industry-specific framework conditions.

We integrate AGVs seamlessly into your intralogistics

Benefit from our experience and our expert knowledge. We have already implemented a wide variety of AGV projects and seamlessly integrate AGVs into your intralogistic processes. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive advice – hardware independent
  • Control of AGVs from different manufacturers
  • Integration of the AGV fleet also in highly complex material flows
  • Parallel and integrated use of forklift control system and AGV
AVG Control

AGV in use

The use of AGVs saves time and money and reduces transport damage, especially for standardized routine tasks. Due to advances in communication, navigation and safety technology, AGVs can be used very flexibly around the clock, even in mixed operation with other industrial trucks. The smooth combination of AGVs and conventional forklift operation in an integrated material flow control is the “top class” of intralogistics.

It must be ensured at all times that material and pallet movements in the warehouse can be identified in real time – regardless of whether the pallet was moved by AGV or forklift.

With the RELAG-System® of SEP Logistik AG you can already implement the collaborative operation of forklifts and AGVs today!

Can our AGV solution meet your needs?

The know-how of SEP Logistik AG lies in the optimization and control of the internal logistics of companies and organizations. Please contact us and tell us your task. We will promptly provide you with an assessment of feasibility and a cost estimate.