Material Flow Control System

The RELAG-System® – MLS is the ideal solution for the organisation and handling of fully automatic systems. The material flow control system (MLS) allows you to control and monitor the material flow in your company. The material flow control system recognises the complete structure of the installation with all conveyors and transfer carriages. Based on section information, the MLS can issue the necessary transport orders to the individual conveying elements.

The task of the RELAG-System® – MLS involves the coordination of individual steps in a fully automated installation, which the system coordinates and plans for optimal usage of time. Each of these movements is displayed in real time in the system, thereby ensuring that users have a full overview at all times. Simple configuration means that priority rules are set based on assignment statuses or fixed rules. In the event of disruptions, the system independently searches for alternative routes and visualises all installation statuses.

The RELAG-System® – MLS can be integrated in diverse controls. Communication with the subsystems is realised via configurable interfaces on a send and receive basis or the polling of data modules in a PLC. Each field of the visualisation corresponds to a system point with the corresponding code. The operator recognises current movements by colour changes to the system points. Information on a corresponding system point can be called up, such as data on a special pallet that is currently being transported in the installation. This visualisation of the installation can be freely configured by users at any time to suit their requirements.

Benefits of our material flow control system:


  • Subdivision of the control messages into individual steps
  • Time coordination of these individual steps (e.g. priority rules)
  • Visualisation of the individual movements
  • Restart functionality (cold start)
  • Correction option in case of manual interventions or errors
  • Option of logging and alarming the operator in the event of problems


  • Automatic control of material flow for complex, fully automatic installations
  • Complete structure of the installation with all conveyors and transfer cars is recognised
  • Necessary transport orders are issued to the individual conveyor elements


  • Coordination of individual steps in a fully automated installation
  • Individual steps are coordinated and planned by the system in a way that allows for optimal time usage
  • Easy to operate functions for fault messages via email, SMS or on an app on a smartphone

Detailed Information

The detailed information of the visualisation informs the operator about which transport unit is currently on the installation, where it has come from and what its destination is.

In the event of system faults, it is possible to alarm the operator via an alarm interface. This enables messages beside print lists and dialogue windows to also be sent directly by email or SMS to your smartphone. Any corrective measures necessary can therefore be initiated immediately.

The restart functionality provides a user-friendly and rapid cold-start of the installation. In this way, the assignment statuses of the individual conveyor elements are compared with the SPS control. If differences are determined, these are automatically posted by the system.

Material flow control system

Flow of business processes

The RELAG-System® – MLS provides the option of webcam integration. This makes visual monitoring possible at critical points of an installation at any time.

The RELAG-System® – MLS ensures a smooth workflow of all business processes in your warehouse. The system communicates with the various installation components and thus manages all goods movements. The system connects pallet and container conveyor technology, rack operating equipment, carousel stores, packing lines, data wireless transmission and sensor technology of different manufacturers and therefore forms the central element of a fully automated warehouse.

The installation can be serviced online via remote maintenance. All workflows are optimised in the best way possible and visualised in a way that is easy for users to understand. With the combination of RELAG-System® – LVS and RELAG-System® – MLS, automation and warehouse management are merged to form a coordinated unit. No matter how extensive your logistics are, the RELAG-System® – MLS always controls it correctly!

Can the RELAG-System® – MLS correspond to your requirements?

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