Our customer service

We want you to feel understood: Our solution and user-related services ensure that every customer can feel like a king.

Welcome to the service area of SEP Logistik AG
Proximity to customers is especially important to us. The project manager responsible for you will accompany the introduction of our products. After this, our service staff and technical support team are there for you. We are looking forward to supporting you in your daily work and will be pleased to provide help and advice.

We provide more than components or turn-key systems:
We listen carefully when our customers outline their expectations, and we accompany them from the start with first-class service – from analysis through to 27/7 support. Our methodology for project handling and ongoing support gives everyone involved the utmost security, yet allows considerable scope for project and customer requirements.

We take responsibility and will remain a reliable partner for extensions and optimisations over the years.

  • Planing

    Thorough planning is indispensable for smooth commissioning during operation and for an overall logistics concept that functions efficiently long-term. We support our customers when it comes to planning and realising the introduction of our system. In doing so, we look at entire logistics processes and formulate solutions with vision and foresight so that you are set up for the future in the best way possible. Together, we analyse your existing business processes and find the right solution – in a newly built warehouse or in existing warehousing concepts. On request, we can advise you on the right hardware and provide this as a turn-key solution.

  • Realisation

    Our projects are largely realised by modelling the business process in our extensive data model. We use sector-specific templates for this. As no application is really identical to another one, not even at different branches of the same company, we also adapt our software modules with programming. The individual and well-thought-out adaptation maximises user friendliness. Consequently, our customers receive an application that easy to use and requires as little effort as possible to use.

    To ensure that the result functions without fault and corresponds to the expectations of our customers, we test the interaction of all modules in an integration test before starting the commissioning.

  • Commissioning

    The business processes are tested again in detail on site during the commissioning. With the products, the load carriers, with all relevant machines and their interfaces. This test is usually carried out with a broad core team of the customer at the workplaces with all peripheral equipment. Corrections can still be made during this phase. This fine tunes the overall system.

    Only through extraordinarily precise work, not least in this project phase, is it possible to pave the way for the smoothest transfer possible to the stage where the system goes live.

  • Training

    We can offer intensive training in advance to ensure the operative functioning of the system and to familiarise our customers’ personnel with the software and, above all, new workflows. Even if the software can be operated intuitively and without training, the employees should be prepared for the altered sequences at the different workplaces and know how to respond in exceptional situations. The training is practical and, therefore, carried out on site. Early involvement of the persons responsible for the operation of the system during the commissioning and, in particular, over the complete time of the commissioning and beyond enables a smooth start without delays.

  • Software-Service

    We offer a reliable and fast software service. Our Support Team is familiar with the projects and ensures competent service regarding all aspects of our software. Service is ensured when installing the RELAG-System®. In graded time and calculation models, the service is offered in line with the customer’s requirements. On request 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Further services are provided either by ourselves or as a sales partner of the relevant hardware manufacturer. Our links to leading technology companies ensure direct assistance and rapid support. Of course, our customers have a fixed contact person from our team.

  • Hardware-Service

    Without hardware in the warehouse, the best software is useless. Therefore, we offer you a service for your components as well. In this way, you can benefit from short repair times at transparent costs, enhanced motivation thanks to user-friendliness and a reduction downtime through rapid service.

We are a certified certificate holder according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our company is proud to be recognized as an officially certified holder of an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This certification confirms that we meet strict quality standards in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. But what exactly does that mean?

The abbreviation “DIN EN ISO” stands for “German Institute for Standardization”, “European Standard” and “International Organization for Standardization”. The numerical sequence “9001:2015” refers to the specific version of this international quality management system standard to which we are certified, namely the 2015 edition.

Our status as an “audited certificate holder” means that we have undergone a thorough audit and review process to ensure that our quality management practices meet the demanding requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This review can include both internal and external audits, where our quality standards are put through their paces.

Why is this certification important to you as our customers and partners? It serves as a signal of trust that demonstrates our commitment to excellent quality and efficient processes. When you work with us, you can be confident that you are working with a company committed to the highest quality standards.

Zertifikatsinhaber nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The customer is king!

This proverb is especially important in the service sector. The formulation of the offer and quality of the services essentially determine approval and customer satisfaction. However, price and process-oriented specifications frequently govern service and support offers. The individual needs of customers often disappear into the background. The result: Multi-stage service processes with international partners often fulfil the specifications of the people in management, but unfortunately not those of the employees in the specialist departments, among partners and the technical experts.

SEP Logistik AG is oriented towards the requirements of users when it comes to providing service and support: Easily contacted, direct access to expert knowledge, targeted problem analysis, high immediate-solution competence, individual instruction in functions and programs and customised workshops for expert groups and teams. Talk to us!