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It is very important to SEP Logistik AG for its relations with customers to be based on a fair and trusting foundation. During the years, SEP Logistik AG has worked for the most diverse sectors of industry and commerce.

The RELAG-System® is in use throughout Europe.

Competence, experience and service orientation – we offer this and much more to our customers. This is evident from our selection of references, who successfully use our products and who are pleased to recommend our services.

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A selection of reference projects

Our expertise and commitment have enabled us to build an impressive list of notable references and corporate partnerships. Here we present a selection of our successful projects that demonstrate our skills and commitment in the areas of IT services, process optimization and automation. These references reflect our constant commitment to developing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ individual needs and increase their competitiveness.

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Spedition Schröder

Digital transformation in the warehouse: RELAG-System® at Gebrüder Schröder GmbH & Co. KG

With paper-based warehouse management, the contract logistics company Gebrüder Schröder GmbH & Co. KG reached its limits when it came to keeping track of goods and batches. As a step towards digitalization, the company decided on the Linde Warehouse Navigator powered by RELAG-System®.

Today, the Linde Warehouse Navigator ensures maximum transparency, process reliability and satisfaction. Most notably, the system has eliminated manual order entry, saving approximately four hours of work time each day. The implementation optimized processes, enabled accurate batch management for products such as tiles and increased transparency.

The Linde Warehouse Navigator was adapted to individual requirements, resulting in faster, more transparent and almost error-free processes. The overall balance after the go-live in October 2021 is impressive – with concrete savings.

In the future, the company is considering integrating additional customers into Linde Warehouse Navigator in order to minimize effort and increase added value.

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An excerpt from our references

For more than four decades, SEP Logistik AG has been a reliable partner for customers from medium-sized businesses and public administration. Our many years of experience and commitment have enabled us to impress numerous well-known references and companies with our high-quality IT services. Here we present you an excerpt of our successful partnerships:

  1. Medium-sized companies: Our team has worked closely with a variety of medium-sized companies to develop tailored IT solutions. Our services have helped to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and increase competitiveness.
  2. Manufacturing and Industrial Companies: We have worked closely with companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors to develop innovative solutions for process automation, quality control and production improvement.
  3. Food logistics: Our expertise has helped companies optimize their manufacturing and distribution processes. We have developed solutions that improve quality control, inventory management and traceability of products to meet the high demands and standards of the food industry.

Our long-standing collaboration with these well-known customers and organizations is a testament to our expertise and commitment to providing world-class IT services. We pride ourselves on continually developing innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We look forward to convincing you of our expertise and commitment in the future.