Forklift Guiding System with RTLS


The RELAG-System® – SLS is an essential tool for efficient material flow and reliable goods tracking in the area of intralogistics.

The central issues are the identification of goods and pallets as soon as they enter the SLS area, the monitoring of the storage spaces in which pallets are put into storage as well as the distribution of the transport orders to the materials handling vehicles / forklifts in the best way possible. The pallet pick-up/depositing is automatic and prevents time-consuming scanning.

The RELAG-System® – SLS – the best way to achieve maximum efficiency and transparency in your block store. Trust in the original!

Integrated and completed position determination systems:

  • Laserscanner
  • Position sensors
  • Transponder
  • Floor markers & Ceiling markers

Thanks to the sensor system in the forklift, we know at which height the stacker is located and how far this has already penetrated e.g. a pallet. This gives us the precise X and Y coordinates.

Block storage inventory:

The forklift guiding system of the RELAG-System® allows a description of the forklift with characteristic values such as lifting force, stacking height, fork length etc. All possible travel routes in the storage areas are saved in the system, while approved or prohibited connections are marked.

This information allows transport orders for pallet transport to be calculated from the storage orders of the RELAG-System®. These transport orders are assigned to the forklifts. The forklift driver communicates with the RELAG-System® – SLS via a terminal in the driver’s cab. If the pallets are deposited contrary to the system’s suggestion, our intelligent system notes the depositing point and you always know where the pallet is located.

Area editor:

The RELAG-System® – SLS enables simple configuration of the complete system via an area editor. In this way, the administrator can freely define various properties of the warehouse such as storeys, application areas, sections and route points or obstructions.

The distribution of the forklift transport orders to the forklifts available in the system depends on the characteristic values of the forklifts and the topology of the warehouse in regard to potential travel routes. In addition, different strategies can be assigned to each forklift for processing orders.

Forklift settings:

To optimise the transport capacity of the forklifts, several pallets can be picked up for one transportation. In the RELAG-System® – SLS, the driver can select one of the specified transport schemes for this. The RELAG-System® – SLS includes a storage space visualisation and thus enables a 3-dimensional view of the selected floor on the PC. Each pallet that is located on the ground can be selected via a camera perspective, that can be rotated and zoomed, in the warehouse control panel. The forklift guiding system also provides information on the forklift and driver efficiency, the warehouse inventory, age and ABC situation of the goods etc.

The RELAG-System® – SLS, together with the forklift navigation and a position determination system, provides a “fully automatic block store” in which you always know the precise position or the exact block storage space of all goods. It is important to mention that we are independent of the position determination system and can therefore offer the ideal corresponding solution for all conditions.

SLS Forklift Guiding System

We care about your safety in the warehouse:

  • Warning notices e.g. collision warning
  • Direct intervention in the forklift electronics in order to perform automatic speed reduction in critical areas

The driver receives the information at the start storage space and destination storage space as textual information and, additionally, as mapping on the warehouse topology. The complete information is shown at the terminal.

We are proud to be able to integrate the order picking control system into the forklift guiding system. This is unique in the world and another clear benefit of the RELAG-System®.

Block storage and the RELAG-System® visualisation

Can the RELAG-System® – SLS correspond to your requirements?

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