Block Storage Control System

A block store is an area of floor storage in which pallets, cartons or crates can be stored without racks or similar equipment. This type of store can be defined as part of the store configuration of the RELAG-System®. All box types and transport units can be mapped on the corresponding warehouse area. Warehouse capacity monitoring can therefore be ensured at all times.

The RELAG-System® – BLS provides excellent support for the management of block stores with a sophisticated control. Three-dimensional management in area and height can be organised, which also enables block structuring with dynamic hose management.

Advantages of the block storage system

  • The RELAG-System® – BLS is platform independent
  • Block store types such as single space, multiple space, hose and position store
  • Warehouse configuration for all box types and transport units
  • Pallet-precise mapping of the warehouse
  • Storage space classification system with capacity monitoring
  • Dynamic and fixed hose floor storage
  • Perfect interaction with the RELAG-System – SLS
  • Visual warehouse assignment – also in the virtual 3D room
  • Multilingual functionality and webcam integration
Block storage control system BLS

Types of block storage

With the RELAG-System® – BLS various types of block storage such as single space, multi-space, hose, position or also unstructured floors can be managed.

In the case of a hose floor storage, a distinction is made between a dynamic and fixed division. With fixed hoses, a fixed hose width is specified in the system, which cannot be changed.

The dynamic hose floor storage defines the width of a hose by the first pallet put into storage per hose and is thus extremely flexible. If a hose has been fully emptied, this is closed again. However, this type of block storage is only recommended in conjunction with the RELAG-System® – SLS, as only this can provide the exact positions of a block.

Single space storage enables a definition of a floor in the precise size of a transport unit. In the case of multiple space storage, a floor can be used for several transport units. The block storage also includes management according to the age of an item.

Block store visualisation

Our block store visualisation enables a pallet-precise mapping of the block store on the PC. When using the package RELAG-System® – SLS and RELAG-System® – NAV, it is possible to detect the individual transport units even without further identification by scanning or RFID logging of the products to be transported.

The block storage control system numbers the boxes / transport units put into storage according to the storage space classification system. Suggestions for placement in block storage are also possible (capacity monitoring). For the user, a block store represents a warehouse zone in which mixed items may also be stored.

Can the RELAG-System® BLS correspond to your requirements?

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