Warehouse Management System

Thanks to over 35 years of experience in all areas of warehouse logistics and the continuous further development of our products, we have now been able to develop a new generation of the user-friendly warehouse management system.

The RELAG-System® – LVS is platform independent, that means you can use it with Windows, Unix or Linux. The data centre forms a SQL database e.g. ORACLE.

Configurable standard interfaces allow the RELAG-System® – LVS to be integrated quickly and efficiently in all current ERP systems.

Benefits of the RELAG-System® – LVS

  • The RELAG-System® – LVS is platform-independent
  • Data centre forms an SQL database
  • Communication to any site
  • Clear layout and modular structure
  • Connection of wireless components possible
  • Customer management individually adaptable to any user
  • Report generator in intuitive modular principle
  • Visual warehouse assignment – also in the virtual 3D room
  • Available in 18 different languages
  • Webcam integration
  • Cross-docking
  • Intercompany transport – relocation
  • Parts list management
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Returns process
Platform-independent warehouse management system and software LVS

Warehouse management with system

Our warehouse management software has already been integrated for specific sectors, in particular in the fields of wood, chemicals, medical technology as well as mechanical and systems engineering. However, it can also be customised to your company and your personal requirements. The clear layout and modular structure of the RELAG-System® – LVS make this possible.

Popular warehouse types are already prefabricated, but can be adapted to the relevant conditions in configuration mode by our service technician or even by you yourself quickly and conveniently. Of course, it is also possible to connect wireless components.

The customer management in the RELAG-System® – LVS can assume the logistics for different customers in the warehouse. Special functions can be enabled or disabled. Storage and transport costs can therefore be assigned easily to each customer.

Lagerverwaltungs-Software, Lagerverwaltungssystem Software Screenshot
Übersicht der Lagerbelegung im Lagerverwaltungssystem

Warehouse management made easy

Additional options are provided by a report generator, which enables you to easily adapt the existing documents or compile your own forms in the intuitive modular principle in line with your requirements.

Our RELAG-System® also comes with 18 different languages and can be extended easily with further languages. This makes its use by foreign language personnel easier or allows for application at a remote site.

You have the option of issuing your warehouse assignment visually. This is done either using a graphic visualisation or you move virtually through your 3D warehouse!

A new option of the RELAG-System® enables webcams to record the movements at critical points in your warehouse.

Can the RELAG-System® – LVS correspond to your requirements?

The expertise of SEP Logistik AG lies in the optimisation and control of the internal logistics of companies and organisations. Please contact us and let us know your assignment of tasks. You will promptly receive an estimation regarding feasibility and a cost proposal.

warehouse management system LVS RELAG System platform independent