Forklift navigation

In pallet rack warehouses, the storage spaces must be uniquely identified and free access to them must be possible at all times. If block stores are served by forklifts, however, there is no free access to every storage space. The identification of pallets in a 3D block store is also prone to error.

For precise and fully automatic tracking of the pallets and goods, the RELAG-System® – SLS can integrate forklift navigation. This automatic goods tracking enables a high degree of profitability and efficiency.

Advantages of forklift navigation

  • Fully automated tracing of the pallets and products
  • High degree of profitability and efficiency
  • 3D visualisation of the warehouse area on the forklift terminal
  • Optimisation of the travel times and forklift utilisation
  • Automatic pallet identification
  • Recording the forklift position via camera systems, DGPS, transponders or WLAN

RELAG-System® – SLS with Forklift Navigation

A 3D graphic is available to the forklift driver. This information shows him the way from the start point to the destination area. To optimise the travel times and forklift utilisation, the forklift guiding system selects the most suitable forklift for the travel assignment and the most favourable route.

A 3D visualisation of the warehouse area appears on the forklift terminal at the start point and at the destination. The relevant pallet or the one to be transported is marked in colour. This tool gives the driver effective support for identification of the correct pallet.

Only if a pallet enters the RELAG-System® – SLS circuit for the first time does it have to be uniquely identified once. This can be done online via data communication from a control (for example a production machine) or also conventionally by recording a barcode or transponder. Each further identification occurs automatically by the SLS. If the forklift driver places a pallet in the block store or on the floor of the warehouse, the system knows the exact position. If the forklift driver collects a pallet from the block or picks it up from the warehouse floor, the system automatically recognises the pallet information from the position and, therefore, the recorded goods.

To be able to navigate forklifts through the company grounds to the relevant products, the positions of the forklifts are determined precisely. This is typically possible via laser localisation, camera systems, DGPS, transponders, odometry or also via WLAN.

The forklift navigation provides a “fully automated block store” in conjunction with a positioning system, in which you always know all products and their exact storage space, all without manual identification.

Can the RELAG-System® – SLS correspond to your requirements?

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