The RELAG-System®

The RELAG-System® is a software package for management and optimisation of the internal material flow of a company. It consists of program packages that are independent of each other, for example:

  • LVS (Warehouse management system)
  • MLS (Material flow control system)
  • SLS (Forklift guiding system)
  • BLS (Block storage control system)
  • KLS (Order picking control system)
  • And many more special applications

All program packages communicate with each other via interfaces.
We offer the right solution for each individual set of requirements:
Service – Implementation – Partnership

The System offers:

  • Best product solution for intralogistics
  • Extendible modular system
  • Interfaces to all ERP systems
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Highly satisfied customers

The RELAG-System® is your solution for:

Storage space structuring, storage space management, operational order management, order planning, control of rack operating equipment, control of materials handling systems, data exchange with the central IT and order picking.

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