Production Control System

The RELAG-System® – PLS enables monitoring of the production sequence in real time and, in contrast to an ERP system, is connected directly to the production machines. While the ERP system works on a cross-company level and compiles the general production planning, the production control system directly manages all connected machines and must also access the various machine parameters etc. Besides manufacturing planning, production and product data is logged and, if necessary, communicated to the higher-ranking IT.

The RELAG-System® – PLS can be combined very efficiently with the SLS and BDE modules so that prompt loading and unloading of all production machines is automatically ensured. In this way, fault messages, order status or start and end times of the machine are communicated to the RELAG-System®. An essential step towards Industry 4.0.

The RELAG-System® – PLS therefore offers the following benefits:

  • Prompt logging of material inflows and outflows
  • Inventory transparency in the ERP system
  • Batch tracking with all production steps
  • Prompt loading and unloading of the machines
  • Capacity planning for the production facilities
  • Detailed production planning on site
  • Management of shift operation


The production control system of the RELAG-System® controls and monitors the supply and disposal of all integrated production machines. This connection can be realised fully or semi-automatically as well as manually. The data exchange with ERP or PPS systems occurs via standardised interfaces.

The RELAG-System® – PLS provides continuous batch generation via all integrated production machines from the raw material through to the finished products, both for pipeline production as well as when managing second choice items or rejects.


The connection of the machines to the RELAG-System® – PLS can be realised using various options. With a manual connection, the machine operator requests new materials as and when required. An automatic connection can be realised both via photoelectric barriers, barcode readers, RFID, proximity sensors as well as via direct communication with the machine control unit.

Can the RELAG-System® – PLS correspond to your requirements?

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Production Control