Order picking control system

The RELAG-System® – KLS is the ideal solution for the controlled handling of order-picking applications. The order picking control system can be used for both online order picking as well as for order picking with documents.

A large number of technical integration options, such as the connection of mobile reading devices, data glasses/pick-by-vision, pick-by-voice devices or RFID tags are available for the organisation of the order picking processes.

Warehouse-relevant data can be logged rapidly and error-free and processed online thanks to the integration of these devices.

The RELAG-System® – KLS: Order picking made easy!

Advantages of the order picking control system:

  • Online order picking and order picking with documents
  • Option to connect mobile reading devices, data glasses/pick-by-vision,
  • Pick-by-voice devices & RFID tags
  • Management of storage zones and ABC analysis
  • 2-stage sequential order picking
  • Parallel order picking (order picking document split)
  • Multi-order picking and partial delivery
  • Advance order picking
  • Material flow and production supply
  • Dashboard for order status
  • Pick & Pack
  • Shortage management & supply management
  • Permanent inventory
  • Compliance with FIFO principle
  • Expiry and reminder data management

Management of storage zones

The RELAG-System® enables a management of storage zones that are defined according to various specifications. This can involve ABC zones, which can be calculated based on the turnover frequency of a certain article. The RELAG-System® also provides corresponding support for this with the ABC analysis module.

Weight specifications, volumes of the storage units and climate zones allow certain storage zones (XYZ zones) to be compiled within a warehouse. These can involve article-specific storage areas. The assignment to fixed space areas is also possible if this area is to be used e.g. for document-guided order picking processes.

Variants of order picking

The RELAG-System – KLS provides various options for order picking. The 2-stage sequential order picking serves to optimise warehouse movements during the removal. Orders are grouped together and the jointly available orders are calculated in respect to quantity, taking batch numbers and the removal criteria into account. Any number of orders can be included in the summary. In the second stage, all picked articles are assigned to the corresponding order.

Order picking control system for reserved inventory: If orders have a large number of order items, a parallel order picking is possible. The order can therefore be processed in parts in order to have the complete order finished by the desired time. For these cases, the RELAG-System® provides the option of dividing the total order into several partial orders. These partial orders can be started at the most favourable time.

Multi-order picking, order picking certificate split and large volumes

Multi-order picking allows the orders possible for the relevant picking device to be picked simultaneously into the relevant order containers (shipping cartons). So during an order picking procedure, several orders are completed in a shorter time period in one work step by one employee.

The RELAG-System®– KLS can therefore divide an order into various storage areas analogous to its algorithms, process them there and group them together for shipping.

The order picking of large volumes is applied for items which can be picked directly from the racks effectively. These large volumes are specific to items and can be defined by users themselves. During such order picking the goods are picked directly from pallets.

KLS as a source of information

The RELAG-System® – KLS also serves as a source of information. The operator can get an overview of all open jobs and their status at any time. There is the option to list the various items of an order, where express orders are specially marked. Once a stock movement has started, the storage path will be optimized and commenced in the appropriate order.

For deposits in the picking area, a valid storage bin is sought in accordance with the criteria set by the system. Thus, for example, partial pallets from production can always be booked directly into the picking area. If there is no free space available, the RELAG-System® automatically moves on to another storage bin that also meets the requirements of the transport or storage unit.

Modular structure

The RELAG-System® – KLS can be extended by further modules. The “planning” function provides the option of reserving certain items for later removal from storage. This prevents items that are to be used for a definite order from being used for other purposes in the meantime.

Items that are not even in stock, but whose arrival is expected, can also be planned. If an existing order cannot be processed fully, it is possible to deliver all order items already processed for this order as a partial delivery. This is communicated to the superordinate ZEDV.

The unprocessed order items are retained in the RELAG-System® and can be released again for processing at any time. If the partial delivery is not allowed, the required goods can be assigned directly to the interrupted customer order by the missing quantity management so that an immediate completion of the order is attained. The supply can also be delivered conveniently with the RELAG-System® – MLS.

Can the RELAG-System® – KLS correspond to your requirements?

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