The digitization of intralogistics continues to advance. Technical progress is immense, especially in order picking. Here you get an insight into how the software solutions of SEP Logistik AG are used every day to pick goods in the wholesale of food (Miesbacher Gastroservice GmbH) and in the wholesale of medical products (SMS medipool).

Andreas Königsreuter, Managing Director Miesbacher Gastroservice GmbH:

“The trigger was that we still had a relatively old system. The error rate has been reduced by over 80% with the new order picking control system. The cooperation was simply great, you could always rely on SEP”

Christian Grams, Managing Director SMS medipool GmbH:

“With the order picking control system, we wanted to take our logistical processes to a new level by moving from paper-based picking to a digital level. As a retailer for medical products, we have to meet various legal requirements. It’s the people behind the software, it’s not always just the software – that fits really well at SEP Logistik AG “