The SEP Logistik AG in the magazine himmeblau

The SEP Logistik AG has been described in the magazine himmeblau.

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The flagship logistician

With innovative software solutions for the industry, the SEP Logistik AG from Weyarn

has been successful for 36 years – and thrilles customers and staff aswell.


Laptop and lederhosen – this slogan with which the former German President Roman Herzog once described the successful symbiosis of tradition and high technology, is seldom so aptly as in the Upper Bavarian Weyarn. Here, on a hill in the tranquil district Wattersdorf, surrounded by grazing cows and a beautiful Alpine panorama, SEP Logistik AG, a globally successful IT companies, is situated.


“Everyone who buys a laminate floor in the market, can be assumed with reasonable certainty that this has been put together and transported with our software,” says Prof. Dr. Franz Demmelmeier proudly. The CEO has founded the SEP 36 years ago and turned it into a leading provider of logistics solutions primarily in truck control systems. The company specializes in the so-called intralogistics. The innovative SEP solutions provide the management of a warehouse and the truck drivers a navigation system through the turmoil huge warehouses. From Weyarn the logistics of companies and organizations around the globe is optimized and controlled, according to the customers needs. “With our logistics solutions, we support companies in creating cost-effectiveness and the networking of production towards the Industry 4.0,” says CEO Markus Fischbacher, “throughout Europe, but also in China and the US”.


A proven innovation from Weyarn is the 3D forklift guiding system “The sighted truck”. Forklifts are here equipped with special sensors and maneuvered under the guidance of SEP Software through the material storage. “The system takes into account the characteristics of each truck as well as their current location on the factory premises. All forklifts are connected via terminals to the truck control system, the current position, the activities and characteristics of the vehicle checked and recorded that “sales manager explaines Torsten Seer. “On the basis of these parameters the forklifts are assigned the optimum driving jobs.”


Building on its expertise, the service and reliability SEP Logistik AG has already won more than 100 companies as loyal customers. Even otherwise the Weyarner put on resistance. The headquarter in Wattersdorf was recently modernized. The legal form of a small corporation with employee participation allows all 35 employees to benefit from profit and success.


Employee satisfaction is the very important for Franz Demmelmeier, Markus Fischbacher and Konrad Schneider. Facilities include modern working environment and ergonomic workstations. Especially programmers, engineers and physicists are working for SEP Logistik AG, also currently the company instructs two young IT specialists.