Our customer Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG is the world’s leading manufacturer of scaffolding systems and has over 140 locations all over the world. Whether at Big Ben in London, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, at the Victory Column in Berlin or at the TV Tower in Brasilia – the highly regarded locations for the company’s scaffolding speak for themselves.

The manufacturer of high-quality scaffolding systems also places the highest demands on reliability and quality on the logistics solutions at the 250,000 m2, highly automated headquarters in Eibensbach, Germany: Bosch Rexroth and SEP Logistik AG set themselves this challenge with the aim of ensuring the smooth shipping of the scaffolding systems to the whole world.

More than 40 forklifts are used every day to load the scaffolding systems onto trucks. In order to digitize the logistics processes regardless of the season and without errors in a very complex warehouse environment with outdoor and indoor areas, ramps, trees, high loading speeds and a lot of traffic, with Bosch Rexroth and SEP Logistik AG two specialists combine their know-how in this project:

With the Rexroth ROKIT Locator, Bosch Rexroth supplies high-performance, laser-based localization software with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and solves the issue of localization for Layher forklifts with maximum flexibility and user-friendliness.

The ROKIT Locator replaces an old GNSS-based system in the shipping area of ​​the scaffolding specialist and works entirely without artificial infrastructure such as reflectors, strips or markers in the storage area and without expert knowledge. The ROKIT Locator also brings advantages such as initial localization without initial knowledge and continuous, automatic map updates.

The reliable position determination (X, Y coordinates and alignment) of the forklifts via the ROKIT Locator in real time are the basis for the RELAG-System® – SLS forklift guiding system installed by SEP Logistik AG. The RELAG-System® – SLS digitizes the entire warehouse in real time using the forklift’s movement data.

All goods movements are recorded without scanning, search times and incorrect postings are avoided and a virtual 3D image of the warehouse is created in real time. Thanks to this smooth interaction between the ROKIT Locator from Bosch Rexroth and the RELAG-System® – SLS forklift guiding system from SEP Logistik AG, Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG works with a robust and reliable intralogistics system. The efficiency of the loading processes is significantly increased and the work processes for employees are precisely supported by a currently unique 3D navigation system.

In this year’s Robotics Webcast, Bosch Rexroth presents the successful application example at Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG (minutes 16-23) in detail.